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Kurohyou by NGinthePM Kurohyou by NGinthePM
Kurohyou was a nameless grunt in a large criminal organization. While on a routine theft for the organization, he discovered a hidden vault containing the remains of the ancient warlord Umeboshi and his great weapons.

Kurohyou now serves his organization as a mid-level enforcer, often leading attacks upon hero groups, taunting them all the while.

Wielding the dreaded hand axe of Te'ono that gives him the power to summon and communicate with panthers, and wearing the suspenders of Umeboshi that give him great skill at wrestling, Kurohyou would give any heroes a run for their money. That is, if it weren't with his immediate infatuation with any female heroes, and his inability to understand their rejection.

This is for entry into the Seventh Sanctum "Weapons and Warriors" contest. The image was determined by random generator:

This clueless ninja has a slender build. His round eyes are beige. He has green hair worn in a style that resembles a trailing ribbon. His outfit includes a pair of suspenders. He uses a straightforward form of martial arts that emphasizes tormenting one's opponent and using grappling. His preferred weapons are axes. He is skilled in swimming, negotiation, and music. He can summon and communicate with panthers, as well as take on their traits.

This sword's guard resembles a hand. Its grip is formed like an armored arm.

While I recognize that the generator said sword, I figured that with his favorite weapons being axes, I would convert the sword entry to axe.
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June 14, 2011
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